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    The GSM2M-1A is a complete GSM/GPRS, ready to integrate,embedded wireless modem.The module allows developers to add GSM/GPRS wireless communication to products with the minimum of development time.The GSM2M-1A includes a embedded TCP/IP protocol stack to enable embedded internet connectivity to any device.


    A Development board for the evaluation of the GSM2M-1B module just plug module into socket and connect to PCs serial port.Use Windows Hypertermial to issue AT commands to module.RS232 monitor leds for all lines,sounder on board,full prototyping area for your applications


    GSM/GPRS Modem OEM Module with M2M features
    The GM47 is an OEM Module device manufactured by Sony Ericsson.


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  • GSM2M-1A GSM/GPRS embedded modem released.
  • Starter Kit for GSM2M-1A released a out of the box evaluation solution.
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