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  • GSM2M-DK-10 Starter Kit

    Product Features

    The GSM2M-DK-10 is a starter kit for evaluation of the GSM2M-1A embedded modem.It provides a quick start solution to testing, and provide a platform for product development. The starter kit comes with a GSM2M-1A modem, development board, switch mode PSU , serial cable, Mini magnetic mount GSM antenna, Orange network PAYG SIM  and documentation on CD. A prototype area is included on the development board for the solder mounting of a microcontroller and components. A Protobloc  option is available for none permanent designs.


    • Serial RS232 Interface with D-SUB 9 way connector (female), speeds up to 115.2 kbps.
    • 2.5mm Power jack connector for external power adapters.(7 - 12 VDC @ 1A)
    • 20 way interface on PCB for external device, ie microcontroller.

    Status Leds

    • Serial Interface status Leds with TX, RX, RTS, RI, DSR, CTS, DCD, DTR.
    • GSM status Leds for network status and transmitting.
    • Power Indicator for 5V DC.


    • Size: 200mm 125mm
    • Serial ITU-T V.28 (EIA/TIA-232-E interface
    • Speaker output for ring melody indication.
    • Starter kit contains cables, power supply and GSM MagMount antenna.
    • Full prototyping area included, ordering option with protobloc board.

    Items Included

    • GSM2M-1A Module
    • GSM Mini-Mag Antenna with MMCX connector
    • 9V 1.5A SM PSU
    • 9 D Serial cable
    • Orange Network PAYG SIM Card
    • Documentation CD

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  • GSM2M-1A GSM/GPRS embedded modem released.
  • Starter Kit for GSM2M-1A released a out of the box evaluation solution.
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