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    Sytronic Technology have been involved in innovative embedded design projects for a number of clients for many years. We provide solutions for both small and large organizations our team has over 20 years experience in this field.

    We can provide a cost effective and timely solution based on our standard product range or bespoke designs.

    We have seen a large increase in inquiries for wireless control systems, involving GSM/GPRS telemetry control. Due to this increase we have opened up a new telemetry hardware development department ,along with a new internet site supplying a range of development systems and modules for wireless control applications.

    We will be adding many more products to our range in the coming months please visit often for latest additions.

    Sytronic Technology specialise in the designing and production of radio telemetry devices for use in remote unmanned machine control. Our products are mostly based on GSM/GPRS technology which makes them easy to install. Here at Sytronic Tech Ltd we are focused on providing products to enable our customers create a cost effective solution. We have developed a variety of hardware devices for M2M (machine2machine) development from OEM modules to complete boxed units. Our customers include embedded system designers., Security, agriculture, Industrial, and other applications. Please browse our web site and call us today to get your telemetry solution up and running.

    © Sytronic Technology Ltd 2005

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  • GSM2M-1A GSM/GPRS embedded modem released.
  • Starter Kit for GSM2M-1A released a out of the box evaluation solution.
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